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Submarine emissary

An underwater emissary, in the field of sanitary engineering, is a conduit through which the wastewater is pumped, after a primary treatment, to conduct it at a certain distance from the coast. At the end of the pipe a section of perforated tube is installed, called a diffuser, which facilitates the diffusion of the water served in the receiving body.

The submarine emissary is mainly intended for the reduction of coliforms, this is done through initial dilution, horizontal diffusion and coliform decay; the latter usually has a much greater effect on calculations for underwater emissaries. Faecal bacteria have high mortality rates in the marine environment due mainly to the incidence of light, especially ultraviolet frequency, salinity, nutrients and ecological interactions with other species.

This type of device is also used in rivers and lakes, although with much lower efficiency in view of the quality of the water in the receiving body.

Review with filming, maintenance and repair of emissaries.

Not only do we install emissaries, we also offer review service with filming, maintenance and repair of emissaries.

Thus, the maintenance of the emissaries is correct.

We make high quality filming for technicians to check that the facilities are in the most optimal conditions, for the proper functioning of the facilities.

In case of needing any repair we offer this service, we have a team of divers, trained for this purpose, in this way we cover the needs of companies in the sector.

Buoy Fields

Installation and maintenance of anchorages.
Buoy Field Management.

In our company we carry out any type of anchorage necessary for your boat, be it with ecological helical anchors, geotechnical anchors, chemical anchors or with concrete blocks.

Maintenance and monitoring of the field of ecological buoys and ecological anchors.

Our anchorages always have the minimum environmental impact: we make the most of the anchorage to the seabed, our ecological anchors preserve the posidonia meadows to the maximum, and we avoid any type of dragging of chains with the use of deep buoys or other elements.

Installation and maintenance of anchorages.

Anchoring with buoy and dead
Anchoring with dead: buoy, swivel and moorings

In nautical, the anchoring action consists of mooring the boat to the seabed, or lacustrine by means of a rope or chain, either using an anchor or a dead person. An anchorage with dead and buoy is a permanent device that allows you to anchor a boat safely. The elements of which it is composed are:

the dead: heavyweight element resting on the bottom where the anchoring point is affirmed.
the funding line.
the buoy: floating object that facilitates access to the anchoring line.
the mooring line
the connecting elements: shackles and swivel.

They are usually located in a safe place to anchor, which is called anchorage. Its retention capacity is proportional to the weight of the dead, regardless of the type of bed, and depends on the friction produced with the bottom. When the dead person is buried in the substrate, the suction effect increases its fixing force.

Hydraulic work

It is understood by hydraulic work or hydraulic infrastructure to a construction, in the field of civil engineering, agricultural engineering and hydraulic engineering, where the dominant element has to do with water. It can be said that hydraulic works constitute a set of structures built with the objective of controlling water, whatever its origin, for the purpose of exploitation or defense.

Our divers are qualified for all the necessary works in Hydriaulicas works.

  • Bathymetries
  • Submerged Formwork
  • Boat refloating marinas or other locations.
  • Review, maintenance and repair of ports.
  • Works in lakes, swamps and rivers.
  • We do all kinds of professional diving in freshwater
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