This professional will be able to:

Make safe intervention dives and manage / maintain simple hyperbaric equipment and facilities.
Perform elementary underwater work of cutting and welding with conventional basic methods.
Perform underwater works of hydraulic and explosive works.
Perform underwater repair work afloat and refloat.
Perform Administration, management and marketing in a small business or workshop.

In the educational center, through a theoretical-practical training. The contents are grouped into the following professional modules:

Immersion at medium depth.
Underwater cutting and welding procedures.
Underwater works of hydraulic works and explosives.
Repairs afloat and refloats.
Administration, management and marketing in small business.
Pathophysiology of diving and emergency healthcare for divers.
Training and Labor Orientation (F.O.L).

In companies, at the end of training in the educational center, completing it and carrying out activities of the profession:

Training in Work Centers (F.C.T.).

Work in:

Exercise my professional activity in the public and private maritime-fishing sector, in private companies of the sector or creating my own company.

Keep studying:

Professional specialization courses
Another Vocational Training cycle with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules according to current regulations.
The Baccalaureate in any of its modalities
Preparation of the Baccalaureate Assessment Tests (only core subjects)
What are the career opportunities?
Underwater welder
Operator specialized in hydraulic works.
Operator specializing in explosives.
Hyperbaric chamber specialist operator.
Diving bell operator.
Hyperbaric facilities technician.
Operator specialized in graphic reports.
Non-destructive testing technician.
Study duration

Underwater and Hyperbaric Operations Technician: Education Degree
Old Medium Depth, but with new regulations that also includes courses (600 hours) of Professional Nautical.
Duration: 2000 hours. From Sep / 2020 to June / 2021 and from Sep / 2021 to June / 2022.
With the possibility of financing from € 119 / month
Important Information about the nautical courses:
As our school is approved by Merchant Marine, students will have the possibility of receiving official Professional Nautical certifications if they wish.
Complete the registration form and send to this same email accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s ID and receipt of the reservation deposit entered in the account number that appears on the registration form. THE APPLICATIONS WILL BE TAKEN BY STRICT ARRIVAL ORDER
When entering, do not forget to put the name of the student and the course you are requesting.

With this registration you can request the following scholarships to the Andalusian Board:
Education Scholarship
6000 Scholarship
Second Chance Scholarship
Adriano Scholarship

The application period begins in March 2020, starting the course in September 2020.


You can access a medium grade cycle when you meet any of the following requirements:

Being in possession of the title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education or of a higher academic level.
Being in possession of a Basic Professional Degree (Basic Professional Training).
Being in possession of a Technical or Assistant Technician degree or equivalent for academic purposes.
Having passed the second year of the Unified and Multipurpose Baccalaureate (BUP).
Having passed the entrance exam to the University for over 25 years.

Access by test (for those who do not have any of the above requirements)

Having passed the entrance exam to medium-level training cycles (it will be required to be at least seventeen years old, completed in the year of the test).

PDF | Dossier Prof. T.O.S.H.
Generic Registration
Generic Conditions
Evaluation Criteria T.O.S.H.


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