Dive baptism is not a course, nor does it certify you as a diver. It is a diving experience and is designed to be enjoyed, without complications, the sensations that divers feel every day around the world. The program consists of a brief talk, which will allow you to know the simplest aspects of diving equipment, from 15 to 20 minutes. Once this is done and conveniently equipped, we will go to the sea. At all times you will be accompanied by an Instructor. He will help you get into the water, he will gradually relax you (it is perfectly normal for you to be nervous) and get you submersed, breathing underwater and watching the wildlife. The instructor will always be holding your bottle, controlling at all times of your immersion, your buoyancy and your air consumption…. You just have to enjoy and have fun.

Our diving baptisms are personalized, and are developed at the speed that each person demands. No hurry. We only think of you. That is what sets us apart. Do you want an extraordinary experience? Then come and be baptized with us!

The baptism consists of: 1 theory class, a pool class, and 1 immersion in the sea at a maximum depth of 3 meters, always accompanied by an instructor with a ratio of 1/1, one instructor for each student.

Your Baptism to diving is designed so that a person, without previous experience, can dive for the first time, accompanied by a professional


Minimum age 14 years (with authorization of the tutor).


Introductory Talk
Controlled immersion in open waters (Almuñécar or La Herradura).

It includes:

All diving equipment (just bring your swimsuit and towel).
Dive insurance for the course.

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