The Radio Communication Practices for recreational nautical degrees are divided into the following:

Training CourseS in Radio Communications, whose minimum duration is 4 hours, of which, at least 2 hours will be practical, it enables to obtain the title of basic navigation pattern (GNP) and the operation of the on-board radio station, according to the attributions of said title.

Short Range Radio Operator Course will be mandatory and will have a minimum duration of 12 hours, of which at least 8 hours will be practical, its overcoming being an essential requirement for obtaining the titles of pleasure boat patrons (PER ), Yacht master and yacht captain with its basic attributions. The passing of the short-range radio operator course will not be mandatory for obtaining the master’s degree for basic navigation. However, in the event that it was obtained, it will also be enabled for the issuance of the latter, it is not necessary to carry out the mandatory specific training in radio communications to obtain the title of basic navigation pattern.